Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Euro Truck Simulator 2 FULL

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 FULL. Game yang saya share kali merupakan salah satu game simulator yang cukup menantang buat sobat bloger sekalian yang berjiwa gamer. Berikut saya beri keterangan tambahan dari web ownernya dan beberapa screen shotnya, kalo zobat bloger sekalian ada yang berminat silahkan aja di sedot di bagian bawah.. 
Euro Truck Simulator is a European first - A truck simulation game in a European setting, with European long haulage trucks! Drive cargos from Rome to Berlin to Madrid to Prague - and many more cities - in realistic vehicles. Euro Truck Simulator is a faithful reproduction of driving trucks on the European road.

Drive across a realistic depiction of Europe, visit its beautiful cities, pick up a variety of cargos, and deliver them on time!
The road network in Euro Truck Simulator is based on genuine European roads, and cities in the game bring the essence of their real-world counterparts to the game.
As the game is set in Europe, European truck-designs feature exclusively - all trucks use highly realistic, meticulously detailed models based on real trucks. The truck interiors of Euro Truck Simulator are as equally impressive as the exteriors. With actual working instruments such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, and naturally - a full set of gauges including speedometer - all built into the interior 3D model, Euro Truck Simulator offers a truly immersive simulation environment. The player can pan around the cabin, just as if they were actually sitting at the wheel.

 Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 FULL

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